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If I were to choose a personality trait, I would most likely pick curiosity, that curiosity I had when I trying my first PC in the early ’80s or reading a business newspaper waiting for my dad to come home.

My inner self is very entrepreneurial, and I leverage this as a consultant, mentor and investor. I’m in love with technology and with people that use technology to solve big problems.

I love playing “early” when there are more questions than answers, and in “offence” putting growth as a day-to-day imperative. Still, I leave the forward role to the entrepreneur and would rather play as Nainggolan than Mauro Icardi (did I mention I support Inter Milan?)

If you are an entrepreneur remember that persistence is the key to any success, never take a “No” as an answer, but instead roll up your sleeves and try again. Always keep a positive, attitude when tackling big challenges, it will be a tough and lonely journey, but if you spend time on your network you will get amazed by the support you can receive.

Can consultants create value? The answer is a clear yes, but clients should always keep a strong¬†focus on the output and the implementation¬†side of any strategic advice. Look for bright, authentic and direct people who never hide behind a formula, are open to confrontation and want to get “equity” on the results!

When I’m not working, you will probably find me enjoying time with family and friends, dreaming of a motorbike, planning a trip or reading something new, maybe a great new food recipe.

You need to give back. Give something back to the young people around you, to your school, your community and you will feel incredibly happy!

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