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Delivering digital transformation


"Ideas are cheap and that there is no substitute for hard work" is a great advice. The whole article offers an interesting perspective and I agree with most of it. Discovering the "why" (and the "how") is what a strategic work should deliver + you need to focus on your winners, not on every idea you launch + keep the "product" at the centre of everything.


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Our ongoing series of speaker-led breakfast round-tables always leave us with a host of thought-provoking ideas and new business understanding. Our recent event with innovation expert, Dan Salmons, was no different with a range of insights to digest on ‘how to deliver digital transformation’.

With his impressive background, including having been the brains behind contactless payment at Barclaycard, CEO of What If! Innovationand now Director of Mortgage Innovation at RBS, Dan spoke from a position of great experience on all things digital and best practices for implementing a business strategy.

“You don’t sell a TV without HD.”

He started with exploring “why now?” by asking why digital is the hot topic of the hour and the thing being discussed in every boardroom and future strategy plan. Digital, as Dan was keen to point out, is nothing new. If anything, it is now decades old but has reached the ‘HD / airbag moment’ of becoming commonplace and expected. To elaborate; in the 90’s car manufacturers would impressively tell you that your car came with airbags and HD was a big sell for TVs. Now, however, these are a given and are hardly ever mentioned as a distinct selling point.

Being digital and having a digital presence has reached the same saturation point where people expect it, and they expect it to be good. Businesses, therefore, have to face up to the fact that they really can’t afford to ignore it anymore and it has to be part of their ongoing strategy.

Dan carried on by talking about 3 main subject areas; digital strategy, what it means to be a digital company, and digital transformation.

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