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One Decision Separates The Wealthy From The Non-Wealthy


This is a recurring topic of our insight series and it's probably driven by our "massive" entrepreneurial attitude, something which is generally uncommon in consultants which generally are risk adverse. We do what we say and totally believe in the "ownership" issue, we see this as one of the most critical organisational development steps for companies willing to grow. Clearly not all the employees in an organisation must become entrepreneurs but managers should create the correct incentive schemes.


Mapping Where Europe’s Population Is Moving, Aging, and Finding Work @lmvpUK

The problem with most people’s lives is that they are being shielded from the consequences of their behavior. There’s little to no accountability.

The fastest way to make success inevitable in your life is to only do work that is incentive-based. Only do that which you are rewarded and punished for the quality of your work. Everything you do needs to matter to the outcomes, consequences, and results you get in life.

So what is the decision?

The decision is to take complete ownership of every decision in your life. And how you do that is by only doing things in which you are compensated based on performance.

This goes completely against the norms in society. It goes against public education — which shields people from progressing at their own rates. It goes against most job structures, wherein a person is paid an hourly rate or salary.

If you want to make dramatic strides forward, you must only work in environments where the consequences of your actions are immediate and REAL. You need to be demanded by your situation to come up with a result.

This article will show you how:

Are You A Part Of The “Results Economy”?

Founder of the exclusive entrepreneurial coaching platform, Strategic Coach, Dan Sullivan distinguishes between those who are in the “Time-and-Effort Economy” with those who are in the “Results Economy.”

Continues here: https://journal.thriveglobal.com/want-automatic-motivation-and-wealth-do-this-one-thing-immediately-7ae22a88731c

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