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When (and how) to scale your business with resellers and channel sales partners


When/How to make a partnership work? Close.io shed some light on a key growth strategy. Agree that partnership only speeds up growth, i.e. you need to start a "direct" market before and that you need to work hard with the partner (creating materials, coaching reps) to make this a success



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It’s every SaaS founder’s dream. You’ve built an amazing product. You’re just starting to get your first few sales. And then out of the blue some other company with thousands of existing customers wants to sell it for you.

No, this isn’t some startup fairy tale. They’re called Resellers and Channel Sales Partners and there are tech companies out there making hundreds of millions of dollars from them. So, why do I hear from a SaaS founder every few weeks who just started working with a reseller and hasn’t seen a dime?

The problem is, that if you want to get results from resellers and channel sales partners you need to know when to engage with them and how exactly to get the most from their resources.

What is a Sales Channel Partner?

There are lots of different ways you can get other people to sell your product for you. From referral and affiliate programs to consultants and agencies. But by far, the option that could potentially bring you in the most sales is Resellers and Sales Channel Partners.

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