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There are plenty of generalist consultants out there and Last Mile Ventures is not one of them.
LMVP leverages its startup expertise and data+growth focus to provide opportunities for partnership with some innovative companies. These companies can often help corporates translating into hard facts the strategic work carried on by LMVP.
Each partner can be called upon a specific need of the customer to actually build a growth, data or sales strategy using tools such as text analytics, network intelligence, API automation, data-led organisation design and artificial intelligence.


Fing is world’s most successful network scanner with over 50M downloads to date and 20k Fingbox units sold. Behind these “consumerish” products lie a complete database of devices that help companies extracting network intelligence and leverage a  new, untapped, source of high-quality data

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Ingenia is a ͞Text analytics company powered by Machine Learning algorithms. It helps reading, analyzing, and extracting relevant content from massive data. You can use to complete a market research in hours vs. than days or extract intelligence from textual content (e.g. reviews)

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Stamplay leads in the automation category helping companies in automating business processes (customer service, sales & marketing, hr) via integration of different cloud based apps and a low-code platform

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Deep Ventures

Deep Ventures covers the whole lifecycle of a digital product, from inception through implementation and support. Deep Venture deploys web-based software architectures focused on complex analytics, data science and visualization.

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The first 100% location-independent growth marketing agency.
We design and execute growth engines for your business using digital media.

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