We like persistent teams with big and bold ideas to improve the world in four distinctive, growing and uncorrelated industries. We believe our strategy can produce some interesting returns leveraging digital transformation of oldindustries such as finance and manufacturing, the secrets of Italian wellbeing and the worldwide recognizability of the Italian food industry


The world of finance is rapidly changing from established price comparison websites to newly created payment technology targeting a specific vertical need, such as HR or e-commerce. Innovation is not equally distributed, and some markets show significant growth opportunities when innovation are tailored to the local needs. Most of the Fintech investments are scalable along a key distribution partner which we͛re eager to connect and partner with.


It is certainly true that ͞software is eating the world͟, but still 7bn+ people must be fed every day. Everything is changing in this industry, from what we eat to how we consume, produce, distribute the food. We bet that food at the end of the next decade a lot will be different! Imagine printing out the food you want, something which has been individually produced according to your genome by a robot; just a dream?


Along with a decreasing poverty, life expectancy is on the rise worldwide; we believe it͛s not only how long we live, but how we live. Why Italians enjoy a longer expected life with the country investing half than other developed countries as % of GDP? What products can impact our wellbeing? From the new fitness trackers to informal social networks, we think this industry is yet unexplored, but dense of opportunities

Data and Digital manufacturing

Data is quickly becoming company͛s key asset; with data production and consumption skyrocketing, we think data interpretation is a significant industry to play in. We are used to talk about ͞everything digital͟ and we see it is entering the factory as well. Machines can talk to machines and optimise processes; sensors are installed everywhere, and AI algorithms automatically change how production is carried on.