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AI 2017 Inflection Point


Very completed guide by MMC/Numis team. I agree that AI in 2017 has gotten to an inflexion point and few companies will probably be able to cross the chasm and become the category leader. As the report states the AI revolution can definitely have an impact on many industries, from those with advanced technologies (think about AI-powered customer care in a TLC environment) to those characterised by manual work (think autonomous truck driving)


Mapping Where Europe’s Population Is Moving, Aging, and Finding Work @lmvpUK

This is a comprehensive review of Artificial Intelligence, and includes introductions to this seminal technology, its applications and their implications, an overview of UK AI in 2017 and an investment framework for picking the winners of the future. If you are a corporate leader, an investor or an early-stage founder, this report will inform you of AI’s huge opportunity, as well as where hype ends and reality begins.

We have undertaken this report to coincide with the launch of Numis’s Venture Broking team. This 8-strong team are focused on raising growth capital for disruptive, fast-growing opportunities mainly in the UK. As businesses stay private for longer, as UK innovation continues to surge and as unquoted opportunities attract new investors, Numis continues its tradition of providing an excellent service to leading businesses and investors, albeit at an earlier stage.

We believe Numis is the only investment bank in the UK with the blend of experience to advise on earlier stage private placements, IPOs and M&A, whilst being supported by award-winning research teams.

Please click here to download the report and click here to access the original document featuring video of the presentation

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