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Last Mile Ventures is currently focused on early stage (seed) investments along our 4 themes. We do generally invest in syndication with other angels in ∼500k€ rounds which we prefer to lead connecting with other angels and creating the investment thesis along with the founders.

After the investment is completed, Last Mile Ventures can take a board role and usually try to play a very active role within the founding team supporting the growth of companies with a specific focus on revenues.

If you want to discuss with us, the process is very easy: book a slot with the calendly tool here on the right, we try to reply to everyone timely clearly a warm introduction helps. If we like the project and idea, we need to work together and know each other for a while to build trust – connect with us well before your investment and do not be scared to come with just a simple idea! As of today, October 2018, I’m also trying a new tool from Signal called The Brief: you might send upload your document here.

When the time is ready, we will try to build the investment round.

One caveat we are currently less active than we want (maybe 3 deals in until H2 2019?) and should be as we are going through a strategic review of our activities and valuing the idea of raising 3rd party money.

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27/9 GP Bullhound Titans of Tech Roundtable London, UK
10/10 Tell Series with Emma Bridgewater London, UK
18/10 Tech Italia Demo Day London, UK
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