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Starting the analytics journey: Where you can find sales growth right now


Sales Efficiency is one of LMVP key focuses and we definitely like the McK approach to creating the correct analytics toolset within companies. We see this approach applied in many organisations and we'd focus on "knowing what to measure" + "create accountability" to make this right.


Mapping Where Europe’s Population Is Moving, Aging, and Finding Work @lmvpUK

If data is the oil of the digital age, then analytics is the engine that turns it into energy. What excites the most forward-thinking executives today is analytics’ strategic value: the ability to enable and inform broad commercial growth and transformation, not just incremental efficiency gains.

The temptation of many executives is to charge into the fray, invest a lot of resources, and build a state-of-the art sales analytics capability. But that’s a little like trying to switch to a Formula One race car when you could be getting a lot out of your current model.

Successful sales analytics is a journey, but the first step is making sure that you’re getting the most from your existing data

Read more here: https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/marketing-and-sales/our-insights/starting-the-analytics-journey

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